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Monday, June 3, 2019

The Adopted Quilt

I got my days mixed up. But I didn't know it at the time.

I arrived for my sewing class Saturday after having to rearrange the last class. I thought June 2nd was a Saturday, and I arrived in Medina to see a note that the store was closed.
My husband was ill so I was all by myself... so... time to check out all the fun stores in Medina!

It was while I was in Filomena's Favorites that I saw this pretty.

She called out to me that siren song that old quilts have. "You know you want to take me home"...

Yes. Yes I did.

She was only $25 so I held tightly to my new found friend. I brought her home, showed my husband who said, "Wow that's pretty" and we promptly put her on the bed and she had a new home.

Here is a close up of her prettiness:

I may be a little partial as I'm currently making one myself which you'll see in the near future. Here is a sneak peak...


Oh, and in the last blog several people mentioned that they wanted to see the PJ pants Steve and I made. Here they are:

And mine, modeled by Roman the Cat.