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Monday, February 11, 2019

BOM: TWO: If You Liked It Then You Would Have Put a Wreath On It..

I lost an argument with an old food processor so I just recently healed enough to type and do much with my fingers. My index and middle finger got a good cut in each but I get the stitches out next Saturday, I can't wait. It's amazing what you don't realize that you do with your non-dominate hand. It's eye opening.

Our next block will be Block 7 in our pattern book. I want to skip around to make sure I have the fabric and colors pretty much spread throughout the quilt and not concentrated in one section. We make 3 of this block and sew them together and luckily this block goes pretty fast.

The cut pattern is shown in the book but as you can see there isn't that many pieces. Remember to complete the block you have to make three of these.

    We are going to be doing a lot of half   
     square blocks.

We are going to make the bow the exact same way as we did on the gingerbread man but add a center portion of background fabric and bow fabric as shown above. The half square triangle piece is made by putting the background and wreath fabric and sewing diagonal to diagonal.

The inside portion is made exactly the same way with two solid rectangles added to both sides of this piece to form the sides of the wreath.

The final piece is one large rectangle with the ends treated just as above. Iron the piece and square up the corners. Remember, done is always better than perfect!

Forgive the blur, apparently I have something on my lens I was unaware of.

Which one is your favorite?