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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

BOM: April: A Nice Warm Cocoa For You

Watching the news last week, I felt so bad for all of you that had to deal with the April blizzard. Our weather flip-flopped from a 70 degree day to a 30 degree day  and has been mostly cold since, but we had nothing like what you experienced. I hope things are getting better.

Here at the farmhouse, I've been sewing up a storm trying to get as many projects done or as far done as I can get before the babies arrive at the end of the month. Once they arrive the glass/sewing/craft room becomes a chicken nursery.

To that end, April's block is this cute little mug of cocoa. This block went together really quick and I even decided to put a fussy cut in the center of the block. It was a lot of fun to make.

I'm noticing a prime technique of this quilt seems to be snowballing and it's here again and you'll see it in spades in the May blocks.

This is block 11 so you can follow your cut list for that block. There are not a lot of pieces to this as you are only making one block total.

Again, LOTS of snowballing.

I fussy cut a center when I wasn't happy with what I had initially. My pattern on this fabric is very busy but I really still dig it.  Lay out your pieces and sew each row.

 Flip your pieces and line up your seams for the star points

Sliver trim so you have a straight edge to sew to. You aren't worried about a certain measurement, you simply want to straighten the edge.

Sew on the bottom panel and the top. Funny how the blue ornament got cut in two, top portion is at the top and the bottom at the bottom. Totally just happened! Wasn't planned that way!

The handle was actually very quick.

Top: Sew from inside corner to bottom right.
Bottom: From the bottom, sew bottom inside corner to upper right.
Sew both small vertical rectangle pieces together and snowball the horizontal rectangles being very careful as to what edge you are snowballing-top or bottom.

Clip and press.

Add top and bottom background pieces and press.

Sliver trim and sew to the mug portion.

And just like that your block is done.