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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Glass Tulips!

How our world as changed since my last post!

I've been working from home for about a month now. I find it funny how much I miss going to the office. I've seen good behavior and really pitful behavior that makes me ashamed of people. I feel for the nurses and all those who work with the public, many of who don't make a lot of money and are forced to expose themselves to both the possibility of catching this virus and the misguided wrath of a frustrated public.

But, like everything one has to find a positive in the situation. Remember all those projects you keep telling yourself you'll get done "someday". Guess what... someday arrived. I've taken advantage of the little extra time (when not cooking and cleaning everyday) to make a list and check off all these nagging little tasks that I don't think of until I'm right on top of them.

Attic Before

So far I've tackled my entire attic and got that straightened and believe me it was bad.

Attic after

I've cleaned up the house and am next tackling the linen closet and the addition closet that has never been cleaned since we bought the house and probably has items from the previous owners.

And there have been the projects. I've started my tomato and tomatillos seeds three times as between the new cat and the family running laundry I've had two trays dashed to the floor now.

I decided to try to tackle a stained glass lamp. I have a pattern book that is relatively beginner friendly as you simply make for panels and then tack them to a lamp cap.

Unforuntunely, being my first lamp, I had no clue that the lamp cap only comes in one size and when I enlarged the pattern to what it indicated in the book, it looks like it is too big by quite a ways. I'll have to figure out something...

I got one side done last night. I need to work on my soldiering technique, but I'm satisfied with the results.

For now I have to put away the stained glass and start on my niece's wedding quilt. Also have this beauty to start work on while we're at home. Also working on a rag rug quilt and trying to put together a better format on my Youtube video to show how to make it.

What projects are you working on?