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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Stars for September

The year is winding down and we are getting down to some of the smaller but more repeated blocks in this particular BOM. For September I thought we'd do the small stars.

There are seven small repeated blocks we have to make for this month and they are scattered just like stars throughout the quilt. If you have visited on this blog, you know if have a very long love affair with star blocks. The very first quilt I ever made was a Star of Bethlehem and while I never finished that particular quilt (I hated the colors that were in there), I've made several since.

 As always, there are lots of small pieces and plenty of snowballing. Small pieces sewn on the bias are always trouble and so you'll have to be really careful not to stretch. These are going to take  a bit of time. You are going to do this in two different colors and will have to really watch how you sew them together as you'll see shortly.

Cut out your tiny little rectangle and square. Layer for snowballing.

  Snowball corners.

                                                    Repeat with color two.

Sew together and realize why you shouldn't be doing this at 11pm at night.


Rip out what you just sewed.

Put it back together correctly.

Done, but I will probably redo. These little pieces are the death of me! There are
six more to do. 

It will be pretty in the end though.