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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Introduction

Monday the meat chickens went in and Saturday they took their rightful place in my freezer. 

The white birds are the meat chickens.They were young in this picture.

I'm not going to tell you that it was easy taking them into the processor, I was a little sad. I do, however, feel a little bit better knowing that I provided them a good life and that I know that the food I feed my family was raised ethically, organically and with care.  

The meat chickens departure left the one little egg layer that I purchased with them. 

A standout right from the beginning.

"Morning Glory" spent a week all by her lonesome while I went to work. I felt bad for her. She had been an extra chick that had been sent with orders to the feedstore so I told them to add her in when I bought the meat chicken chicks. Unfortunately, that meant after the meat chickens left, I had one lone chicken to introduce to an established flock.

The girls aren't quite sure what to make of their new roommate.

Yesterday I introduced her to her soon to be coop mates. I put her in a cage to help them get used to her and prevent them from having the ability to peck her. It has been a little tense, my son claims that one of the chickens was taking her beak and rattling it across Morning Glory's cage like a tin can. 

I'd like to think that was simply his imagination.

Just what the heck is this all about mom?

Anyway, she seems to be adapting as best she can. I do think the girls aren't happy with me as we went from almost 11 eggs yesterday to none this morning.

Is this their form of protest? 


Hate to tell the girls, but in a few weeks they'll have another four new roommates moving in, so they better get use to this.

The Easter Eggers...