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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, VA

Thanksgiving in Williamsburg, doesn't that sound romantic? I envisioned a historical reenactment of the event. We went to Jamestown and found that my romantic notions were just that, romantic notions. The cafe at Jamestown was a cafeteria and the wait was over two hours. We ended up at Crackerbarrel (which was mighty tasty may I say).

The House of Lords

 Colonial Williamsburg was wonderful however. The three day pass is about the right amount of time to see the village and the museum. Imagine getting off a bus and finding yourself smack dab in the middle of 1785. Each day different houses are opened up along with a presenter who tells you what life was for the trade of the house.

If you are a history buff this place is phenomenal.

If you stay until the village officially closes, you are able to witness the regiment drum core. 

Dixon and I with the judge and the "witch".

After hours there are additional events such as the "Cry Witch" based on an actual case. The gallery (which is us) hears the whole case, can ask questions, and then votes. My group unfortunately voted against my vote and she was found guilty. As the courthouse burned down where many of these records were located, we do not know the actual outcome of the case. However, the accused had a will that was enacted 20 years later so it appears one way or the other, she survived.

There are also ghost walks through the village with a guide and of course, the taverns are open late.  Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Image may contain: 1 person, standing

You can even become part of the artwork!
Included in your ticket price is the Abbey Rockfellar museum. Definitely a must see. Doll houses the size of some of our rooms, all different types of pianos, furniture from the colonies,'s wonderful!

It's fantastic to see all this artwork in one place reflecting
America's early history. Quilts, signage, the Presidential paintings

it's our shared history.

So I hope all of you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season!