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Monday, January 14, 2019

Keep on Sewing, Keep on Sewing.... One Block at a Time


I've always wanted to quilt with friends, but few of my friends are crafty and those that are live no where near me. Its always so nice to be working around the table with a bunch of other women (men, you're invited too) and talk and gossip and actually accomplish something in the process. If nothing else the camaraderie is fantastic.

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If you are in the same boat or just want to join in, I invite you all to do a block of the month with me. I'm working out of the Peppermint Lane Block of the Month from It's Sew Emma. This book is just quilting candy! Doing one block a month (sometimes two or more depending upon the directions) allows you to complete a quilt on your own time while doing other things (and quilts) that you are supposed to be getting done!  At the end of the year, you have a wonderful quilt ready for yourself or to give as a gift. What could be better?

The book is available at The Fat Quarter's Shop or Amazon and you'll need it for the cut patterns.   

As I may change one block in this quilt I'm not necessarily going to do it in order. We will start from Month One but after that I may mix it up. I'll post one block a month as they are completed so we can follow along. I'm so excited to see what your blocks look like so please send me a picture of your completed block in the comments!

For my quilt, I chose to do bright spring greens, grays, icy blue and a white background. After washing, drying and ironing all my materials, I started on block one, the Gingerbread Boy. He is really cute. This block is put together with a lot of snowballing so if you've never done this technique, you'll get a lot of practice on this block.

Cut out all the materials per the cut pattern in the book.

Snowball the head piece by taking the small squares and the headpiece squares and sewing down the diagonal on all four sides as shown. Bend the sewn piece up and if you are happy with the placement, cut the excess off the back and iron it down.

It helps to have a friend make sure you are doing it correctly.

You are going to do this same process following the instructions in the book fro the arms and the legs.

The bow tie is created by a background square and an accent square cut on the diagonal and two of each pieces sewn together like so.

The card stablizes it so the machine doesn't eat it.
As these are on the bias, my machine wanted to eat the corners so I used a piece of index card behind the pieces at the start and then ripped it off the stitches.

You will not use two of the pieces from each square you cut.

The buttons/body section is created out of rectangles and squares and is quite easy to piece.

Iron everything and square up all the edges so they are straight. Add all the background pieces as indicated on the directions. Iron and trim the edges so they are straight and Oh My Goodness... it's the Gingerbread Man!

Isn't he cute! You need to make two for the quilt.

If you are making this quilt along with me, show me how yours turned out! I can't wait to see them!