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Monday, April 25, 2016

Soapy Sunday

Courtesy of Graphics Fairy.
There are some things that you can coupon that are so close to free that you can't pass them up. Such is the case with soap. Dove Basic soap can often be couponed for a song so you end up with a lot of it. But I'm not wild about bar soap. The gloppy mess that it leaves in the soap dish is just plain nasty. Even with the strainer in the dish, the liquid eventually reaches the soap to become a soupy, soapy mess. 

Sunday I decided to do something about this soapy stockpile of mine and trolled the internet for recipes for how to make bar soap into liquid soap. I did find those recipes but in the end didn't follow them exactly but was very pleased with the end product.

 Soap Recipes
Most soap recipes are essentially this:

1 cup soap melted in 1 cup water
1 Tbsp glyercine
Essential oils.

I winged it and in the end ended up with this:

1 bar Dove Basic soap
3-4 cups water
2 Tbsp glyercine (can be found at craft stores in the cake decorating isle)
Essential oils or fragrance oil


Pump jar for liquid soap

I used the micro-planer to grate the soap into a fine powder with did the job splendidly.


It did a wonderful job grating it to a fine powder as you can see.

I started with two cups of water in a saucepan and slowly added the grated powder into the water. 

Using the mixer, I began mixing until the liquid and the power frothed up. I added two Tbsp of glycerine and kept mixing. 

Sorry, really bad picture here.


I took the mixture off the heat to cool but coming back periodically, discovered that as it cooled, it became the consistency of marshmallow fluff. 

So I began adding water and some left over fragrance oil (not enough to cause any type of skin reaction, a minuscule amount) and kept mixing as it cooled walking away periodically. Keep adding and mixing in water until you get the consistency you like. 


Mine was thin enough to pump but thick compared to the commercial product.  In the end I really liked it and will definitely do it again. I did have a lot left over but this can be stored or used in household cleaning as well. So, win/win. It was actually a lot of fun so try it for yourself!