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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This. That. & a Little Bit Patchwork

Man has it been cold.

Like bitter.

March is always so cold. We always get our surprise snowstorms in March.

I've probably worked from home more this year than ever.

                                    Which is always interesting to all involved.

What'cha doing mom?

So news...

My son turned 18 this year. When did this happen? My baby is a young man.

And today, got his braces off! Bonus.

4 years of braces. He looks so handsome now.

My husband ended up in the hospital the beginning of the year which was VERY scary. He decided to have his gallbladder removed after 8 days of being in the hospital with pancreatitis. He's feeling much better now.

We adopted a new family member in February. I'll probably never get over the loss of my beautiful Mr. Mittens (he was only five years old), but it was time to open our home to another tuxedo cat. We've never not had one and Veronica aka Ronny Two Toes joined us. She's still got a lot of trust issues and sometimes growls which has also earned her the name "Growly Girl" but with time I think she'll come around.

I've been doing a lot of patchwork. We are getting ready to visit my parents soon and I'm making a quilt with all my family's signatures on one side, and the other side will be all my husband's family. I'm using my best fabrics as this is the quilt I know will get passed down. It always feels funny knowing that you are making something with the idea that it will outlast you. Just started the blocks. Which one is your favorite?