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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Spring Babies!

Time to overwhelm you with cuteness!

Memorial Day may have just passed but with all the rain (No one is complaining here after last year's drought!) the agricultural calendar is about two weeks behind. The strawberries are still in the flowering state, the cherries are still green but we do have rhubarb.

What could be better this time of year than the new babies? 

We lost quite a few of our girls this year to a pesty fox who did all he could to break my storm door that serves as the coop door. We lost three including my beloved Morninglory. She was too headstrong and decided to get out of the coop one Tuesday morning and all I found were the feathers. Poor baby.

But, time to pull up the bootstraps and replenish the coop. This year I bought two of the Easter Eggers, two Copper Morans and two Andalusians. Aren't they cute?

Forgive the redness... heat lamps.

We also added a new furry family member. Meet Tori cat, 2lbs of furry energy. Babygirl climbs on everything and annoys her older brothers excessively. 

She's very much loved. 

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