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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


In general, I try not to have too many things in my house that are not usable. I have very little free time to dust and polish any more than I have to (I'd rather be making something!) so the fewer knick-knacks around the better. 

There are usable collections however....

Every April, there is a wonderful tent sale in Sutton, West Virginia and this year we hit it right during our vacation time. While I've been there twice, I've never once made it into the store because the tent sale was so wonderful!


Bowls.. and in so many colors!

Genuine Fiestaware!
Cereal/soup bowls!

Fiestaware is not cheap by any means but you pay for quality. This is an American made product and it's very hefty and long lasting. 


However, during this tent sale, the factory sells it's 2nd run. Sometimes this means a little dibit in the bowl or a place where the glaze did not cover even. Many times you can not see where the supposed "error" is. Tons and tons of boxes of plates, mugs, casserole dishes, pitchers, salad plates, gravy boats, serving boats in one huge tent! There were what I guess to be a few mom and pop restaurants outfitting their businesses with boxes of them!

The costs for these is as much as 75%-80% off. I don't think most of the bowls, etc. were over $4 with most of them about $2.75 or so. Young couples, young people outfitting their new home could come away with almost an entire set for next to nothing. As they are seconds, the colors will vary and be limited to what is on hand but as you can see below, they have a lovely amount to choose from. 

Now I'm not telling you this to brag. I'm telling you this to share the wealth because when I was down there last, I was told that there will be another tent sale in August. So if you are in the area and in need of dishes, check out this tent sale. You'll be glad you did!*

*No I do not work for Everything Fiesta or anything associated with Fiestaware. I just love to pass along a good deal!

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