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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bring the Snacks Back!

Why is it that certain snacks go out of style? After all, they were good once, why don't people still make them?

I mean, I understand, some of it is a change in culture. When I grew up it was rare that anyone had peanut allergies so my favorite Peanut Butter Goodies were everywhere. My goodness, they were on our school menu at least once a week and everyone loved them. Now? Some schools won't allow even peanut butter sandwiches because of a handful of students are allergic.  I get it, peanut allergies can land a student in the hospital but in real life, people have to adapt to their surroundings, not the other way around....

And peanut butter goodies are SO GOOD....

But what about Finger jello? Does anyone remember that? Finger jello is AWESOME and yet you never hear of anyone making it anymore.

Well, I'm bringing finger jello back. It's great. It's low in calories. Did I mention it's AWESOME? 


3 packets of unflavored (Knox) Gelatine
3 packages of jello (most have the sugar in them)
(1/2 cup of sugar if your Jello/Flavored Gelatin is sugar free)
3 cups of boiling water
1 cup of cold water

Mix your unflavored gelatine in your one cup of cold water. 

Mix your 3 packages of your favorite jello in with your boiling water. If your Jello is sugar free, add sugar and disolve. 

Mix both gelatin mixtures together and put in an ungreased 13x9 pan. 

Let it cool and once cool, put in refrigerator to firm up. Once firm, cut into squares and eat with your fingers. YUM.


What other snacks of your childhood do you want to bring back? Let's make a concerted effort so they don't disappear forever!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Spring? Stay Inside & Sew!


Mother Nature doesn't seem to know it's spring. 

The ice storm started Saturday night. The weatherman told us it would be 50 degrees Sunday.

Like fudge it was.


To be fair the ice did melt off the windows but it never got out of the thirties that's for certain! 

It was very pretty though.

And today, it drizzled all day.

Earlier this week we had a visit from our local neighbors. This group travels together and likes to hang out in the field. 

My car died too Friday.. so I can't go anywhere...

Might as well sew right?

I did five more blocks towards this quilt. To be honest, I don't even know how many I currently have. They are large blocks too so I may have at least one side done by this point.

I obviously like this fabric, because I believe I've bought all they had at the co-op.

I picked this fabric up this past weekend during a visit back home.
Linda's Fabrics in Davison MI.

I love picking out my favorite fabrics from my stash and seeing what they look like together. Kind of fabric candy...

This fabric I picked up at during the local community garage sale last year.
The pink and black reminded me of a Barbie Doll.

I keep trying to pick out which ones I'm going to sign for the quilt front and back. It changes with each block I make.

This one?
Love the Stars!

Or this one?

Decisions, decisions...  

Which one would you sign?

Monday, April 9, 2018

My Grandmother's Quilts


On a quick trip back home, I was excited to see some of the quilts of my grandmothers. Both grandmother's have passed but wrapping up in their quilts made me feel still protected in their love. It made me happy to think I'm carrying along their tradition if even a little bit. 

 Grandma McElyea's quilts were obviously made out of feedsacks. the colors are all over the board but appear to be along the 1930's color spectrum with lots of pastels in various patterns.


I love the electric orange she chose for so many of the fans.
In others she choose to put in fabric that was the same as the background. These fans just appear to "float on the background.

They are placed randomly so they show up, where they "show up".

 I don't know why but I just love this random yellow fan. It's just kind of there all of the sudden. There's no other pattern so it just shows up as bars.


When you look at the back or even around the fan you can see how it was very much stitched by hand. This is a big quilt so it had to take forever.

Great Grandma Wren and that little guy is my father!

Grandma Wren's quilt was a lot more utilitarian. It was made with my Great Grandfather's cast off shirts. It has minimal quilting but was obviously well used. 

With four kids and a man with a big appetite, Grandma spent more time in the kitchen than sewing... although I'm sure that she spent a fair amount of time mending...

Just the basics here. Just enough to keep it together. It held up pretty well when you figure this was probably made in the 1930's or 1940's. Maybe even earlier.

It is showing it's age though. The fabric is literally falling apart. When you figure this is the second life for this fabric... first a shirt then a quilt. 

These quilts make me wonder how many generations of my family slept under them. How many times did these get rung thorough Grandma's old fashioned washtub? How many times did they end up on the line to dry? 

I'm sure that both Grandmothers were making these because they needed them for their families but I'm sure that there was a sense of accomplishment and joy when they were finished. Both grandmothers had four children  each so I'm sure that many quilts were made to cover their children and then their children's children and finally down to their Great, great, great grandson. It's a heritage and a love that far surpasses one lifetime.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This. That. & a Little Bit Patchwork

Man has it been cold.

Like bitter.

March is always so cold. We always get our surprise snowstorms in March.

I've probably worked from home more this year than ever.

                                    Which is always interesting to all involved.

What'cha doing mom?

So news...

My son turned 18 this year. When did this happen? My baby is a young man.

And today, got his braces off! Bonus.

4 years of braces. He looks so handsome now.

My husband ended up in the hospital the beginning of the year which was VERY scary. He decided to have his gallbladder removed after 8 days of being in the hospital with pancreatitis. He's feeling much better now.

We adopted a new family member in February. I'll probably never get over the loss of my beautiful Mr. Mittens (he was only five years old), but it was time to open our home to another tuxedo cat. We've never not had one and Veronica aka Ronny Two Toes joined us. She's still got a lot of trust issues and sometimes growls which has also earned her the name "Growly Girl" but with time I think she'll come around.

I've been doing a lot of patchwork. We are getting ready to visit my parents soon and I'm making a quilt with all my family's signatures on one side, and the other side will be all my husband's family. I'm using my best fabrics as this is the quilt I know will get passed down. It always feels funny knowing that you are making something with the idea that it will outlast you. Just started the blocks. Which one is your favorite?