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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Little Holiday Village

Our Village Tree.

Beautiful Holiday,
   Beautiful Displays

In the busyness of the holiday season, it is sometimes hard to just sit back and admire the true beauty of the season. The quietness of nature during the winter season attempts to coax us to sit back and reflect upon our lives and what is truly important. Sometimes when we ignore Mother Nature long enough,  she decides the force the issue and today was that day.

Last night the rain of the daytime turned to the ice storm of the night.   

Each and every tree, grass and weed was covered in a shimmering layer of ice that just turned the world dangerous but magical. Eventually due to the weight on the powerlines, the power went out. While this can be a pain logistically, it also forces you to sit back and reflect.

No electronics, just quietude.

rushing, just a quiet meditation.

Nothing that can be done but to
look out and truly admire how incredibly beautiful decorating
job that Mother Nature has done.

Pine Tree with Shimmering Ice


Eventually we went out for supper and on our way  back home we passed through our tiny village. The lights were on and the streets were quiet. The village trees were lit and the lamposts were decorated pine boughs and the pictures of our local villiagers that are actively serving in the military.


While New York city may have that giant holiday tree in Rockefeller Center, I have to say I love the tranquillity and solemn dignity of a small western NY village. Small town life is by no means a small life. Kind of like the Tardis of Doctor Who... it's so much bigger on the inside than the outside.

Happiest of Holidays!


  1. What beautiful pictures. I used to live in New England, and I was always amazed bye the ice crystals on the tree.

  2. I love all the Christmas decorations