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Monday, December 9, 2013

C is for... Cookie Cutters!

I love baking and making cookies, much to the dismay of my waistline. There is something very homey, very sweet about making cookies. When making cookies, we envision some 1940's or 1950's housewife making them in the kitchen and having them ready when her beloved children burst in the door from school and there is this rosy sunny tint to this collective memory.

BUT... this isn't a blog about cookies, rather, this is to elevate the common cookie cutter.

I love cookie cutters. I collect cookie cutters. For something so basic, there are a multitude of variations and it's so fun to collect and see what else is new. No other season that the holiday season brings out the glory of the cookie cutter.

I think everyone's mom had these..

First and foremost, I think we all strive at some point to collect the cookie cutters of our youth. I think everyone's mom had some variation of these. My mom certainly didn't have all these and my husband's mom had those that my mom didn't. I collected these from a local craft co-op and I think half the fun is trying to get all of them. (I also have the bunny, the turkey and the lion).

Skull and mask from a business trip in New Orleans,
Heart biscuit cutter from Millington, Michigan and
Mickey Mouse cutters from Downtown Disney in Orlando.

Then there are those cookie cutters that I collected when I travel. Don't overlook cookie cutters as a souvenir. Cheap but unique, every time you make cookies with them it'll bring back charming memories of your trip. I love these.

Martha Stewart Moon cookie cutter (love the graphics),
and a "donut cutter".

Then there are the cutters that cost you a little more or or unique and you just have to have them. It took me a while to finally spring for the Martha Stewart moon cutter (I bought off Ebay so not as expensive as it was originally priced) and the cookies are so huge that I don't think I've ever used this cutter but I absolutely love it!

My newest find however isn't a cookie cutter at all, it's a cookie PRESS. These are fun in that instead of a flat cookie, you get an embossed cookie with a design. While this isn't a particularly new "cookie technology", they've been part of Scandavian and Bavarian designs for centuries, they are a new adventure for me and I love the look.

So grab your favorite cookie recipe and pull those cutters out of the closet. It is baking time my friends! Lets get to it!


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