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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Little Loom That Could...

Ok, a not so secret secret. For years I coveted a loom. I actually took not one, but two classes to learn how to weave only to never really get the knack of stringing the warp onto the loom. Of course the cost of $400-$1500 for a loom also dampened my spirits a bit. Additionally, I have no desire to weave anything other than rag rugs so that cost is simply something I couldn't justify. So imagine my delight when I went to Country Treasures Quilt Shop in Brockport, NY and discovered these little gems! For approximately $150, you can purchase a large rug loom that is perfect for using up all those scraps of material left over from quilt projects or simply start to put a dent in your fabric stash. Additionally, for those who want to make their looms, there are instructions that you can purchase (on the Ebay periodically) for making your own loom for considerably less. Of course the frugal person in me would have loved to make one but the realist knew that would probably happen the next time I could walk on water so I bought one.


Close up showing the loom's "teeth"
The loom actually uses material for the entire thing including the warp so it's perfect for those "near miss" fabrics that you bought for a project and didn't use. After warping, you simply weave back and forth and the end result is so much better than you could ever buy. My rug weighs in at probably five pounds (using my five pound cat as a general comparison to gauge weight) and is absolutely so comfy to stand on while washing the dishes. I am so delighted with the end result. It suits my frugal nature to a "T" to use all that fabric that looks at me so accusingly awaiting the day I actually get some time to create all those quilts I bought it for!

The end result... wonderful use of the fabric stash!

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