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Monday, March 18, 2013

New Vintage

Oxymoron? No, let me explain. Today's adventures in crafting is still keeping us in the kitchen this time with towels. You see, recently I've come into possession of a large bag of household linens. Unfortunately, the majority of these were either stained beyond recognition, or damaged beyond use. I live by the motto however, make do or do without and so the few that were still in serviceable condition are gaining a new life through embroidery. A cross-stitcher myself, I rarely have walked outside that avenue of embroidery for reasons unknown, but I now thoroughly understand why our mothers and grandmothers would enjoy doing it... it's easy and fast! The local Joanne's has these wonderful Aunt Martha transfers that can be quickly ironed on to your project and then, once embroidered, easily launder out. You can easily finish one in one sitting or even over a couple of nights. It is also a great use for using up old floss colors because if you are like me, you probably have a bag full somewhere. The only thing I haven't figured out yet... why cups seem to have such a problematic equilibrium issue.... The always seem to be falling off a shelf somewhere....

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