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Sunday, January 31, 2016

So Very Sad

You may have noticed that the blog was not updated last week. The reason wasn't laziness, rather it was shock.

I found out via Facebook last week that someone I considered a friend had killed herself a week ago last Monday.

Annemarie was dead. By her own hand.

I didn't ask how she did it as it really seemed to be irrelevant. I knew she had a lot of drama going on in her life that she posted on Facebook but when I would ask if she was alright, she would never answer and as we were friends via work, I never felt I had the right to press.

She left behind a husband and child.

I met Annie first as a teammate at work and later she was my boss. Annie and I shared some interests and I really liked her as a person. I always felt she had been through something in her life as she seemed a bit fragile, but she always struck me as a strong person. I guess that is why her death struck me so hard, I never saw it coming.

She was young, only 40 years old.

It so saddens me to think that Annie saw no other way out for whatever was going on in her life than to kill herself. It saddens me that she didn't see what a great person she was and what a value she was to the world. Then again we never truly goes on in someone else's private life and so many of us put on brave faces to the world when our hearts are breaking.

If you read this today, please pray for Annie. I pray that she has found peace and her soul is healing. I pray for her family and all they are going through. Annie was a really good person, a kind person, and I firmly believe that our prayers help those who are now in spirit. Prayer is energy and can only help a being that is now energy.

And I ask you to be kind to each other. We never know when a kind word may be all that someone really needs to hear to pull them away from that cliff.

Thank you all.

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