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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hey Buddy, You Want to Smoke?

Do You Smoke?

No, not we're talking about anything to do with nicotine, we're talking a smoker, like this:

We used some reward points and basically got this unit free.

It's really wonderful and no more difficult to use than an electric stove.

Essentially you first choose which wood you want to use. We typically buy this from Tractor Supply Company by the bag but for a sample pack to try what you like, or like me you went too early and this is all they had, they sell these for about $5.

In your smoker you will discover one container with a lid. That is where you put your wood.

 In the other metal container you put your water. Then just heat up your smoker for about 10-30 mins.

If you are going to do heavier pieces of meat, start them first and closer to the smoker. Because of their denseness, they will take a lot longer to get done.

I found that hamburgers take me maybe 20 mins in the smoker and the same or less with shrimp.

I let the roasts go for about three hours and they were still too rare for my taste. I would allow at least 5-6 hours for those.

I love the smoker for the lovely taste it infuses into the meat but also because it's a lot easier to use than a grill so I can access it all by myself without help.

It's my new essential summertime tool!

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  1. Hubby has a smoker and we use it now and then. Really gives a yummy flavor! Thanks for sharing with SYC.