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Monday, May 18, 2015

Oh, What a Find!

So last Saturday I was out on an errand and decided to treat myself to what my husband calls my "shiny places" for a bit of fun. "Shiny Places" are places that you just loose time in, the phrase coming from the "deer in the headlights" type of hyponosis that happens in a place that I enjoy... i.e. craft stores, bookstores and in this case, an antique shop.

I'm not in for antiques for the sake of antiques.... the older I get the more nostalgic I get.
I wasn't looking for anything in particular but then I found it.



This is my mother's 1961 Betty Crocker Cookbook. This is the golden chalice, the sword in the stone.

My mother bought this cookbook when she was in high school. Not only did she learn to cook out of it but so did I and my nieces. Why is this cookbooks so spectacular? Well, because it was written almost like a storybook with inserts about housewives long forgotten who submitted these recipes and what they loved about it.

It has helpful hints and directions on purchasing food and preparing food.



But perhaps the reason I love the books so much is because like all cookbooks (and I collect LOTS of cookbooks), it shows a snapshot of a particular point in time.



Cookbooks offer us a glimpse in time as to what life was really like and what was valued and cherished. Memories of mom or dad cooking something not only to fill our bellies but to build memories. As Louise Fresco said:

Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something  holy. It's not about nutrients and calories. It's about sharing. It's about honesty. It's about identity.




  1. I have this book - I think it's exactly the same cover, but it isn't in a binder form. It's a hardback regularly bound type book. It belonged to my husband's grandmother and I keep it out because I love the retro look.

  2. I have a book just like this but not binder style. It was the book I used in high school 50 years ago. It's still is in good shape and my daughter keeps it in her kitchen. My granddaughter took cooking this year in her freshman year. Betty Crocker lives on!

  3. I grew up with this book too! Best darn pie crust EVAH!! And I love the line drawings and 'stories'. I wish to heck I still had it ~ thanks for the great memories!

  4. I Love, Love, Love this book. I have the 1980's book and it's just not the same but it really shows you how the culture changed. The 1980's book has "Betty" in a suit jacket (Power Clothing) and the recipes are geared to getting in and out the kitchen rather fast whereas this 1961 book is all about taking your time and getting enjoyment out of the process. It really illustrates the changes in our society.

  5. I have this book. Isn't that funny. The really funny part is that it belongs to my sister but I keep it for the pie crust recipe.

  6. I saw your feature on What did you do this weekend, Congratulations for being featured!

    It's funny cause as I type this I'm packing up old cookbooks to give away to Big Brother and Big Sisters of Long Island. I don't have anyone to pass my cookbook collection to and I just hope someone will enjoy my old friends as much as I did,

    Enjoy the book!


  7. Love it! Thank you for sharing it with "Let's Talk Vintage!"