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Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Hardware


I got the best gift I'll get all holiday season this weekend!

My parents came to visit from Michigan!

I suppose when you live close to your family, you sometimes can end up take them for granted from time to time, but when you only see your loved ones once or twice a year at most, it's truly a treat to have a visit or visit them. My parents are absolutely wonderful people and it's really a joy to have them visit.

Trying to figure out something that would be entertaining to both my mom and dad though, not always easy. However, I found something that did fit the bill... A hardware store that carries with it a surprise....

In the sleepy little village of Gasport, NY, hides a surprise that brings those in the know. It's the Ace Hardware in the Standish-Jones building and there, it is always Christmas!

Did You?

We aren't talking a few aisles of Christmas decorations.. instead, we are talking two rooms in the back and an entire top floor. Each room is set up with a theme so it's fun to just wander and explore. And being a hardware shop, my dad got to wander and talk.. my dad is definitely a people person..probably where my son gets some of his verbosity.

A Christmas Guardian

Anyway, we had fun wandering room to room and seeing what was there. Here are some highlights:

Tea Anyone?

Ok, This is Just Fun!

Yes Please!

I have it on good authority that Santa prefers Chocolate Chip.

I totally have a thing for Snowmen!

In case you couldn't tell..

We think this is suppose to be a cardinal but it looks like a  parrot to us.

I have a bad thing for snow globes. I collect them and there were some beautiful ones here. I may have to make a trip later in the season to bring a couple of these guys home.
Like this one.

And maybe this one.


Snow balls!

Wouldn't this even look nifty as a decoration?


And on a More Sober Note, here is my Public Service Announcement:


Santa, I believe! I really do!


  1. I love that your folks came to visit. Mine are 2,000 miles away and I really feel it during the holidays!

    I love the snow globes, but my favorite thing you shared was the "when you stop believing in Santa, you get underwear" sign:).

  2. We lived in Michigan for 20 years. I love Michigan, Pamela WV