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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Goodbye My Dearest Clothesline

My Dearest Clothesline,

     It saddens me as much to write this letter as I’m sure it is to read it.

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The summer of our time together is waning-I can feel the coolness in your demeanor every time we are together. The carefree, sunshine dappled joy that we shared, the joy I felt every time we got together has been replaced with the cold steeliness and I feel that with every crisp autumn day we are drifting apart.


Please don’t think I’m being fickle. I’ve attempted in everyway I know how to fix our relationship and extend the season of our friendship but at every turn you’ve clipped me short, leaving me frozen and damp. I feel I’ve done all the heavy lifting in this relationship and you just stand there and watch, you don’t even try to lift a finger. I was there when your line snapped. I was there when you lost clips. I gave you the support you needed.  Now, however, the days are growing shorter and I sense we are drifting apart.

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So, goodbye for now. I admit I have a new paramour,  Dr. Yer. Yes, he’s not a naturalist as you are, sometimes he strikes me as a bit artificial.  Admittedly, sometimes his “natural scent” is overwhelming. But he keeps me warm and dry all winter long. That is more than I can say for you.


This is not a end. I’m pretty sure our paths will cross again in the spring when the weather is better. Maybe we’ll find time to mend our ways and see each other again.


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Best of luck to you. You will always be in my heart.




Ms. Laun Dry