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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yeah, We're Bad.. We're Bad...

The news came out this week. Flint is now the second most dangerous city in America.  
While I grew up about thirty miles outside of Flint, I still consider Flint my “hometown” being that it is the nearest “big city” to my little village. Flint is like any other town, there are places you go and places you know to stay away with. Citing one piece of information to brand a town is a bit one dimensional. So let me tell you a little about Flint from a Flint Ex-pat.

 Flint has a lot of good qualities. Here are some of the things you may have never known about Flint, Michigan.
1940 W. Atherton Rd, Flint, MI
1. Like your work benefits? Like working five days a week and not six? Thank a Flint autoworker.  Trust me, employers don’t give benefits through the kindness of their heart. In February 1937 for forty-four long days, auto-workers in Flint, Michigan protested by having a sit down strike. They held off the National Guard and the police to stand up for the power of the American worker to have some say in their workplace and not simply be the pawn of a large corporation. Their strike and their ability to organize, gave a voice to the common worker. Because of their bravery, they created a legacy that helps the average worker today. Without these people fighting for basic workers right, you would have no heathcare, no vacation, no sick pay. There would be absolutely no safety net if you got hurt on the job. So next time you go to the doctor or have your day off, thank an American autoworker.

Each new strike showed that there were workers unwilling to live as slaves, workers who preferred to fight, even if to lose, than not to fight at all. Each new strike reinforced this idea: it is possible to fight, no matter how difficult the circumstances”. (

2. Grand Funk Railroad. Purely Flint through and through. Seems like everyone of a certain age knew someone in the band. I believe my parents went to school with one of the members.

3. Flint Style Coney Dogs. Not a chili dog like Detroit dogs, a full fledged Flint piece of heaven in a bun. My favorite places to get these:

I show you how to make a close facsimile at home, see The Coney Dog: Meat Gift of the Gods.


4. The University of Michigan, Flint Campus.  My aluma mater.

5. The Flint Institute of Art.                                      
I spent many a day in between classes at school wandering through the galleries. I love this art muesuem. The tapestries were exquisite, the glass paperweights were beautiful and the
paintings are wonderous. I truly love this place.

6. The Sloan Museum. The Sloan Museum takes you through the early days of the auto industry. You learn about the people behind the names. They house over 80 vehicles and they do a fine job of really going into how the auto industry really helped to build Flint and the surrounding cities into a national powerhouse of industry.

            David Buick statue in Downtown Flint

7. The Longway Planetarium. Every child went to the Longway Planetarium at some point during school. It was so big, so amazing. You got a sense of how vast the universe is.

8. Halo Burgers. “Seven Days without a Halo Burger makes one week!” Yes it does…yes it does. Order a deluxe with olives for an especially delicious taste of Flint. OMG… I want one NOW!

9. The ROCK.. or some call it the Block. (It's called the Rock...just my opinion )
and it's stupid... and we love it. This rock or block is a landmark for reasons unknown. Every time you see it, it's been painted by someone. It can be graffiti'ed or a carefully executed plan, but it's a dynamic piece of public artwork if there ever was one.
                         Hammerberg Road and 12th Street

10. Back to the Bricks. A five day cruise and car show down Saginaw Street. A really good time.

So, in a sense, Flint is kind of like that boyfriend... yeah, you know the one. Kind of dangerous, kind of exciting... the one that you think back on and smile.. not the kind you'd necessarily marry but the one you definitely had to be with. Yeah, we're a little bad... but definately not forgetable... and you wouldn't have missed it for the world.

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