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Friday, November 8, 2013

Wintermint Fresh.....

Cleaning up for a cozy winter!

Wintermint Fresh…..
       .... Yum, that's good Clean....

While spring cleaning gets loads of attention, I think for my money, the big winter cleaning is much more important. Those last few days that you can actually open the windows and clear out all the dust and debris just prior to locking yourself up tight for six months make all the difference between feeling ready to face the upcoming dreary winter days and just trudging through it.

Big confession here, I hate cleaning. I have to put some spin on it and tell myself that I’m not actually cleaning but cleansing (sounds so much more Zen), not organizing but reclaiming forgotten treasures. Sometimes it takes everything I can think of to get motivated. But knowing that cleaning the windows, washing the rugs all lead to a winter of cozy family life makes it worthwhile.

Having only two days each week to really clean my house, here is my Winter Hit List.

Winter Hit List

  1. If nice open windows.
  2. Wash the windows, outside first, then inside.
  3. Clean the wood stove (if you got it).
    Time to pull out the quilts!
  5. Wash all bedding and if you have a feather bed, take it to the laundry and wash and dry it on the big washers. Put on bed after Febreezing it.
  6. Dust or wash all surfaces, then vacuum rugs and deep clean with a wet mop
  7. Do a deep clean on the refrigerator and throw out anything that has taken on a life of its own. Do the same for the freezer.
  8. Clean the vent pipe on the dryer.
  9. Clean out all cat pans and clean with dish soap and water.
  10. Wash out all indoor trash cans.
  11. Clean up the stoop and the garage.

Now again, I HATE CLEANING. So one way I psych myself out to do it is play mad scientist. I like to make some of my own cleaning products. These aren’t necessary all natural but they do the job and utilize things you already have in your kitchen. I’m going to share with you one that I got out of The Flint Journal years ago that I make all the time. It is essentially the same ingredients you’ll find in your name brand window cleaner you just bought in the store.

Window Cleaner
(Remember a part can be any measurement you want as long as you are consistent. … i.e. ½ cup, 1 cup, etc.)
1 part ammonia
1 part water
1 part rubbing alcohol
Food coloring if desired

Mix and place in a clearly marked container. Keep out of reach of children. Used black and white newspaper with this mixture to keep your windows sparkling.

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