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Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring Cleaning... The Spring Detox #1

I'm big into alternative healing and when it comes to Spring Cleaning, I start from the inside out. Obviously you can't be there for other people if you don't take care of yourself first. That being said, today I'm going to talk about a controversial subject that I personally practice at least once a year and that is Ear Candling.

Now, I'm a firm believer in taking care of one's health and that while allopathic doctors are a definite necessity, we don't have to drug ourselves for any and every problem. I'm a firm believer in personal responsibility when it comes to my health. I assess the risks and benefits and for me, I believe ear candling helps loosen the ear wax that we constantly compact in our ear canal every time we shove a cotton swab on a stick in there to clean our ears after our showers. There are many others that claim what we see inside the candle is simply wax...honestly I don't believe that. That being said,  if you choose to do ear candling, I suggest you read the information that is out there and assess the risks and benefits for yourself. Ear candling does present some dangers and if you choose to try it, you do so at your own risk. (Common sense tells you anything with an open flame near your body does.) You know your body better than anyone and it is your choice what to do with it but like anything, you need to be informed and know the dangers prior to engaging in it.

 I am simply presenting the way I do it as I've made the decision that it is right for me.

Ear Candling 101


1 helping assistant to monitor the candle
                      (hopefully not too mocking!)   
1 wetted washcloth
1 pie plate
1 pair of scissors
2 ear candles (one for each ear). These can be found online or at most health food stores.

I personally do not do ear candling when I am currently having issues with my ear. I choose to do it when my ear is not compromised with a ear infection or swimmers ear. Also, I choose to do it in the spring or fall when there is less chance of a windy day that could cause a problem with my ears. You are effectively, cleaning out wax and wax generally has a purpose, just not impacted wax, so I don't want to strip that coating  and then go out in a windstorm when I need that wax to protect my ears. You wouldn't walk outside in the middle of winter without a coat. Don't ear candle and then go out into a windstorm.

Cut a hole only slightly bigger than your ear candle.

I believe in safety so my first step is to cut a hole in the pie plate big
enough for the "candle" to go through. An "ear candle" is actually
a rolled up cone with one end smaller than the other that you put in
your ear. It is typically made out of waxed linen.

I wet a washcloth to
help extinguish the fire
if it comes to close to the ear.

The next step is designed to prevent the candle from getting too close to your ear. You should also have someone around that is monitoring this for you as well but I like to make sure I'm doubly safe. Also, should any ash actually fall, conceivably the wetted washcloth would put it out.

Prepared pie plate with wetted cloth.

I put wetted washcloth around the hole cut in the pie plate like so.

Then I insert my ear candle.

The complete package.

My final step is to find a quiet place to lie down or at least have my head tilted at an angle. The candle is lit and the helper watches it so it doesn't get too close to your head or light your hair on fire! The candle will smoke a bit and with the candle inserted gently in the ear, a gentle vacuum is created. Its a very soothing feeling. I generally hear a bit of a quiet whooshing sound (I think of it like putting a shell to your ear) and some quite pops and snaps. Amazingly it is quite a peaceful feeling even though there is a flame above one's head. When the flame gets as just as close as I feel comfortable with, I remove it from my ear and blow it out. After it cools I inspect the inside. (It's gross so I'll spare you). Today there was about 1/2 inch of wax that was extracted.

Spring cleaning!

I enjoy doing ear candling at least once a year. I've done it for many years and have never had any issues. There are many out there that don't believe in it or state that it is dangerous. I only know that it works for me. Like anything, read up before you try anything. You only have one body. Namaste!

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